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A complete healthcare unit under one roof

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About Us

Fitness and health are major concerns in this era of modernization where increasing pollution, hectic schedule, irregular food habits, competition and stress have incorporated various chronic disorders in human body. At Nirmala Arogya Kendra (we are enlisted under Govt. of West-Bengal Health) we primarily focus at lifelong pain management aiding to adopt a balanced lifestyle. Here the Patients are treated under the guidance of medical professionals and fitness training programmes are conducted according to individual need.

The faculty, staff and students of the NAK Training Center are committed to improving the well-being of individuals, families, communities and populations through our physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Yoga programming, collaborative research and strong community partnerships.

Our Mission is to educate health workers who excel; inspire through research and discovery that advances knowledge and practice; and improve the health and wellness of the diverse communities we serve, through collaboration and innovation.

Our vision is to lead regionally, nationally and internationally in collaborative, inclusive Yoga and Naturopathy education, research, and service that advances health, policy, and practice.

“Our mission is to deliver the highest quality healthcare experience for patients.”

Dr Tapas Das

Director, Nirmala Arogya Kendra
Ph.D, Sports and Allied Science , BPT, PG FLM (ApolloHospital) PT, Acupuncture & Yoga Naturopathy Physician (Govt. Of WB),  AIAP, Physiotherapist, Life Member of AAI


Doctors in Nirmala Arogya Kendra are highly qualified, well experienced, and considered to be one of the best doctors in Kolkata.


To get good result in any treatment proper diet chart is very much important along with medicine if needed. Consult our specialist doctors today.


We are Authorized Collection Center of Apollo Diagnostic.


In Nirmala Arogyoa Kendra, Physiotherapy Dept Guided by renowned Orthopedic Consultant and highly experienced and skilled Physiotherapist.


High Quality & Professional Yoga Clinic. Customized Instruction For Every Student


Treat yourself with combination of Orthopedic Physiotherapy and Acupuncture treatment and ask them who has experienced and left their suffering far behind.


Acupuncture therapy is popular all over the world. In Nirmala Arogya Kendra we provide world class Acupuncture treatment.Come and see the magical result of Acupuncture, if you are suffering from acute or chronic pain or diseases.


Nirmala Arogya Kendra in Collaboration with Tollygunge Institute of Physical Therapy and Research Centre going to take admission to   various Certificate/Diploma/Degree/PG Diploma course on Yoga and Naturopathy and Allied Health Science.
All courses under UGC approved University.

“My heartiest thanks to Dr. Tapas Das for curing my acute shoulder pain and my raised blood pressure problem through Acupuncture treatment. It was my great surprised to see the magical result of Acupuncture. Now I can undoubtedly say that Acupuncture treatment can be very effective for many disease specially for sports injuries. My best wishes to Nirmala Arogya Kendra and Dr. Tapas Das for the success in all aspects.”

Sumanjit Ray

IPS, Superintendent of Police, Office of the State Security Adviser.

“I thank Dr Tapas Das for his skilled physiotherapy treatment which has completely cured my severe left knee ligament injury. I wish him every success in life.”

Rajib Dey

Inspector of Kolkata Police

“I received superb acupuncture service from Dr. Tapas Das at Nirmala Arogya Kendro. I am a cancer survival, and the treatment helped me recovering from chronic pains I had post chemotherapy. I found him to be very caring, knowledgeable, hardworking and sincerely interested in my well being. I am truly grateful to him.” Kabita Saha

Home Maker, Baghajatin G Block

“I truly appreciate the care and treatment I have received from Dr Tapas Das.  His knowledge and expertise in treating a wide variety of conditions through many treatment modalities as well as the compassion that he and all the Clinic staff provide have resulted in a remarkable improvement in my quality of life. I am very happy to have them on my personal health and wellness team and I highly recommend their services..”

Smt. Archana Sengupta

Councilor, Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Ward No. 94

“Fitness Friend – Nirmala Arogya Kendra , a destination for concentrated Yoga activities is a daily food for me. Its an inspiration- hub for the Bengali couples too who desperately need a daily physical routine by way of yoga, asanas & meditation. The profound knowledge & dedication of Dr Tapas Das (Director), the think-tank behind this institution has turned it a rare centre of physical consciousness.”

Basab Dasgupta

IPS, IG of Police

“My mother, Mrs Kamana Biswas (Bhattacharjee) has stepped into her 84th year, surviving a CVA and Femur bone fracture. Dr Das has put her up her feet with a mixture of inspiration, discipline and technique. I am extremely grateful. It seems that with the right physiotherapy, age is no bar for any endeavour! I wish Dr Das success in all his future endeavours.”

Sulagana Biswas

Deputy news editor , The Telegraph Newspaper.

” I feel safe and confident with Dr Das. He understands my physical and age limitations and yet inspires me to do my best. I survived a stroke and femur fracture. Now I am slowly learning to walk again, thanks to him.”

Kamana Biswas

Retired principal, Tata Steel education department.

“A place where just 30 minutes of my day has helped me to have a better body, mind and soul. Thanks to Dr Tapas Das , director, Nirmala Aragya Centre for his well thought – out module for women specially.”

Purabi Dasgupta

Director of NGO CI-VA-RA Foundation

A Complete healthcare unit under one roof

Nirmala Arogya Kendra

A Simple, Affordable Approach to Health Care


"To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."~ Buddha, 563 BC to 483 BC
"Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness. "~ Edward Smith-Stanley, 1752-1834
"Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering." ~ Francois Rabelais, 1494 – 1553